Summer 2017 Playlist

Summer 2017 Playlist

I don't know about you, but for me when it comes to my music and organizing it into playlist I tend to do them by month or season based off of artists latest singles or just hearing songs for the first time and becoming obsessed. Being a visual person, I've recently started Bullet Journaling and have been trying to have it be a mix of both my planner as well as a visual diary of each month, things I tried, movies I enjoyed, food I became obsessed with, etc. So with that I decided to create a page dedicated to my summer playlist. Being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my Bullet Journal, I wanted to make it look as visually pleasing as possible and I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. So because of that I thought it would be fun to share it with you all, as well as give you all a little insight to my music taste (It's generic Pop and Musicals, no surprises there). Anyways, below is the image as well as a link to the playlist on Youtube. Enjoy!

London iPhone Wallpapers

London iPhone Wallpapers

I think it's interesting how a person's lockscreen or wallpaper for their phone can say a lot about them. They're kind of like a modern locket. For me, my lockscreen for the past 3 years has been a screenshot of the comment Taylor Swift left on my instagram. My homescreen has had some changes. For a while it was a rotation of photos of myself and friends, then I got into the Pinterest craze of finding a cute backdrop to feel "inspired", and then before I left for London it was a rainy window looking at Big Ben as it was something to look forward to. While I was living in London I was constantly taking photos of the scenery around me. I ended up with a lot of photos and wanted to return the favor of sharing some ready to go Wallpapers for anyone who wants them.

How to Survive Valentine's Day When You're Single

Hello it's me. The designated single of every friend group. Is that a title I've given myself? Yes. Is it still true? Unfortunately Yes.

Typically being single around the Holidays, especially Valentine's Day is bummerville for those of us without a significant other, but it does not have to be. Here are some ideas to spend your day either by yourself or with some friends in the same boat as you.

How My Friends and I Made a Taylor Swift Inspired Calendar

My Roommate Amanda and I love Taylor Swift. It was a huge part of why we knew we would last as roommates. 1989 came out as we were apartment hunting and we got the keys to our place on Taylor's 25th Birthday. For my 22nd Birthday her and my friend Reza hosted a surprise Party for me and played "22" as I entered and bought a Swan Floatie so we could recreate some Taylor-esque pics. The first time I ever got to see Taylor perform live was when she closed down Hollywood Blvd to perform on Jimmy Kimmel, I won tickets and naturally took Amanda.

My Love Letter to California

I am what many are lucky enough to refer to themselves as, a born & raised Californian. I grew up in the Bay Area before heading to Santa Barbara for College and now reside in Los Angeles. The longest I've been away from California was for 2 weeks when I was 10 and went England with my mother and grandma against my will (side note: it was a lovely trip that I've grown to appreciate more and more as time goes on). Up until recently my friends have pretty much always been in the same boat as me when it comes to our home state, and really the only friends of mine who have left on their own did so because of the college they attended (in states such as New York or Boston, which while drastically different each have their own appeal). But the more people I get to know in LA, the more times I find myself in the lesser median of which I grew up in California. I now have friends from places I would always get points taken off of for forgetting on my 50 States Quiz in 5th Grade (it's a miracle I graduated Elementary School). There are foods that I am just now hearing about such as Cheese Curds and Lobster Rolls. I actually know humans that have experienced a White Christmas at their own home (yes California can do that as well sometimes BUT STILL).

Why I'm Okay with Not Knowing

For the past year I have taken a break from my studies to move to Los Angeles and follow my dreams. I knew in order to make this happen I would not be able to be in school. The choice to take a year off from school I feel is something that can be frowned upon in society, but seems straight up absurd if you are a Palo Alto native, such as myself, where you're taught that education is everything because without getting a great one you cannot be successful in life.