DIY Holiday Gifts: Journal

Alright this one pretty much as easy as it gets!

All you will need for this is:

A Journal (Moleskin works best, but you can find similar less expensive ones at Target)

A Paint Pen



For the cover there are a few different routes you can go. You can write the name of the individual you're making this for, you can just write our journal as I did, or you can decorate it with polka dots, cute doodles, etc.

For the inside I think its both cute and sweet to write a message on the inside cover. Since I don't know who I'm giving mine to yet (I'm Giving it away in a Youtube Giveaway!) I'm going to wait to do that till later on.


Now this is the fun part. Every few pages or so you're going to want to write an inspirational quote, a positive message, or a cute little doodle switching for the left side to the right.

I ended up using about 14 quotes.

I decided to give mine a Disney theme so all of the quotes I wrote were from Disney Movies or Walt himself (All of which you can find on my Pinterest Page). You can write them out in your normal handwriting or make it a bit more magical by adding some cursive or switching up the font. I like to go to various font website to look for inspiration.

Originally Posted on December 3rd 2014