DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Making your own Ugly Christmas Sweater is Super Easy!


All you need is:

Sweater (Preferably Red)

Green Felt

Mini Ornaments

String of Beads

Pipe Cleaners

Gold Star

Gold Puffy Paint

Jingle Bells




The first thing we are going to do is to take a piece a paper about the same size as our green felt and fold it in half. Next we are going to draw out a christmas tree shape. We are then going to cut this out and then trace it on to the back of our felt. Once the shape is all traced out we are going to cut out our felt. And there is our christmas tree. The next step is to decorate the tree itself. For my decorations I choose to use a gold star patch, sparkily pipecleaners, little gold bells, red beads, and these mini ornament beads that I found at Michaels. So the first thing we’re going to do is place our red beads on the tree to look like beaded garland. I choose to re string my beads so one strand was longer then the other but thats up to you. Once you’ve figured out where you want to place them we’re going to take our hot glue gun and glue down the ends of both strands. Make sure you hold down the bead for a few seconds. Next we are going to put a glob of glue at the top of our tree and place are star on top of it. After that we’re going to take out pipecleaners. I chose to switch off between gold and silver. Again you’re going to map out how long of a piece you’ll need and then mark it by bending the pipecleaner in half and then twisting the pieces together to make it fluffier. Whatever you don’t need, just cut it off with a pair of scissors. Then place your pipecleaner where you want it to go, flip it over, hot glue it, and then flip it back and press. Be super careful though because I defintely burnt my finger a few times.


Now for the ornaments. I ended up choosing to sew my ornaments on but glueing them on totally works as well. If you’ve never hand sewn before its super easy. All you have to do is thread your needle, tie a knot at the end and then sew your material! Make sure you start sewing from the back side because thats where the knot will be seen. You really only need to string the bead through once and then stick it back to the back side and tie another knot. Viola!


Once we’ve added all of our decorations we are going to peel off the paper of our sticky felt and just place it on to our sweater. If you didn’t get sticky felt you can also just hot glue it on.


Now we are going to be adding lace to the sleeves and bottom of our sweater. First we are going to measure out how much we need then flip our sleeve inside out and then start glueing it along the edges. Make sure you buy an extra thing of ribbon because I ended up running out once I got to the bottom and only had enough for the front.

The final step of our sweater is the trunk of the tree. All we’re going to do is use gold puffy paint and draw a rectangle at the bottom of our tree. Just let it dry over night and you’re done!

Originally Posted on December 21st 2014