Mamrie Hart's Book Party

I wrote about this as a post on my tumblr but I thought I would share it on my blog as well!

Hi Everyone!


I just wanted to take the time to share about the amazing experience I had tonight. About a week ago I was on twitter and noticed mamrie had tweeted out about a lottery for her book party in Los Angeles. I decided to submit because I live in LA now and was like that’d be cool but what are the odds? Well turns out my odds were good because about a week later I got a confirmation email letting me know about the details of the event, which was held at Youtube Space LA! Despite the fact that I would be attending by myself (which made me a little nervous) I knew I had to go because this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I am so thankful that I attended. I met others like me who had come to the event by themselves and we all instantly clicked. (We also found out we’d be attending Vidcon and made plans to see the Holy Trinity Live together so that’s cool). About 20 minutes in the Guest of Honor arrived. That’s right people, Mamrie Hart in the flesh. I had just met her about a week ago at her Santa Monica Book Signing and she was seriously one of the sweetest human beings. What was cool about it though is I feel like that event was something she was doing for us where as this was something we got to do for her. To celebrate her accomplishment, and to have a good time.


Also because she’s Mamrie, a bunch of other YouTubers showed up to support her. So I ended up getting to just chat with all of these different creators who have motivated/inspired me in one way or another. I got to chat with gracehelbig, Hannah mydrunkkitchen, Ingrid, Chester, and even tyleroakley for a quick second. I’ll probably upload a video to my channel in the next week or so sharing about that more but honestly the best thing about it was just the fact that we were having normal conversations. It was such a calmer environment compared to what I’ve heard of Vidcon or how fast paced those picture moments have to be at books signings.


Again thank you so much Mamrie for letting us be a part of this. You really did not have to extend this invitation out to your fans but I am so incredibly grateful that you did.


ALSO GO BUY HER BOOK BECAUSE ITS FUNNY AND HAS A LOT OF HART (I know that pun is being used everywhere but just bare with me)



Also Tyler himself liked this post on tumblr which was very cool/sweet of him!

Originally Posted on June 19th 2015