My First Manicure Experience

There are a few reasons why I had never gotten a manicure before in my life. My mom had never taken me, I didn't see the point in spending a large sum of money to have someone else paint my nails when I was fairly capable at it, and just the nervousness that comes with trying something new. But when my friends invited me to join them I decided to jump at the opportunity to treat myself.

The only research I did prior to going was to check out the different price options. Upon walking in it was much more calm and relaxing then I expected, which is how it should be I suppose. After selecting the Traditional Mani over the Express I went over to the nail polish to select my color. I knew I wanted a nice taupe color but what I didn't realize was how much different shades of taupe there were.

The obvious choice was to go onto Shay Mitchell's Instagram to look for a pic of the color she normal gets because how else would I know what was the in style color to get? After finding a picture and comparing a few colors I found what my friends and I agreed on as a match.


We were then escorted to massage chairs, I instantly became more excited about the next half hour. We were given a warm neck wrap of sorts and the relaxation started to kick in. That's when Tammy arrived. She had me soak my hands a bowl of water filled with mint leaves before she got to work. Because I get faint fairly easily I had to look away as she trimmed my nails with sharp objects, but that also shows you how much trust I took in Tammy. Once the cleaning up on my nails was done she got to business and whipped out the top coat. I guess I'm just a fool who never thought to put a top coat on before applying the color but my mind was blown. I watched as she so effortlessly applied the polish to each nail. I was also blown away with how quickly she applied the next coat, because when I do my own nails it always seems as though I have to wait ages so that I don't end up with a huge mess. It is at this point I should note the sudden change in music from relaxing earthy tones to the first 10 seconds of "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin before being cut off and back to the earthy tones. Tammy and I shared a laugh, we were having a grand time. She applied another top coat, a different version from the first one I should point out, and then as quickly as the experience had started, it was over.


My overall take from this is that the quality is definitely much better when you have a professional do it. The color also lasts much longer. Plus its a nice way to treat yourself while spending time with your friends. I will probably getting another manicure at some point, I'm just not sure when.

Originally Posted on July 10th 2015