As You Like It

Day 2: July 8

Jet lag hit me hard today. While I managed to stay up until around 11pm, I unfortunately woke up at 4am. I accepted my fate at around 4:30, but still kept trying to see if I’d be able to fall back asleep for a mini nap but sadly this result was unsuccessful. At around 10am I decided it was time to get a move on and made my way to the nearby Costa.

Arriving in London

Day 1: July 6 & 7

Question, does anyone actually enjoy travel days? Because for me they’re nothing but a combination of stress and exhaustion (I had a third one but forgot it because that’s how tired I am). I remember as a kid never really enjoying travel days because most of the time we were either taking a red eye flight or leaving for the airport before the sun was even out, but now that I’ve started traveling on my own I finally understand the amount of pressure my mom felt in taking lead. I applaud parents who are able to step up to the task. Bonus points if their kids don’t end up in a meltdown.