School of Rock

Day 3: July 9

Jetlag has been really tough for me these first few days. I’m wanting to stay busy and making the most of my time here but I’m definitely getting exhausted earlier than I’d like too. I realized one of the differences between last summer and this one is the fact that I had classes during the day taking up a large chunk of my time so I was usually trying to figure out stuff to do in the afternoon or at night, and I felt like an accomplishment to get one fun activity done. It’s been tough to allow myself to sleep in or come home early to give myself a break because I feel like I have such limited time here, especially this week to be selfish and do things that I want to do.

As You Like It

Day 2: July 8

Jet lag hit me hard today. While I managed to stay up until around 11pm, I unfortunately woke up at 4am. I accepted my fate at around 4:30, but still kept trying to see if I’d be able to fall back asleep for a mini nap but sadly this result was unsuccessful. At around 10am I decided it was time to get a move on and made my way to the nearby Costa.

Arriving in London

Day 1: July 6 & 7

Question, does anyone actually enjoy travel days? Because for me they’re nothing but a combination of stress and exhaustion (I had a third one but forgot it because that’s how tired I am). I remember as a kid never really enjoying travel days because most of the time we were either taking a red eye flight or leaving for the airport before the sun was even out, but now that I’ve started traveling on my own I finally understand the amount of pressure my mom felt in taking lead. I applaud parents who are able to step up to the task. Bonus points if their kids don’t end up in a meltdown.