Why I Haven't Been Writing

In short, I’ve been living.

Okay that sounds dramatic, I know, but I feel thats the best way to put it. Ever since I landed in London my life has been as busy as ever. It honestly takes me back to when I was training to be a Resident Advisor and we had two weeks of training in the day, preparing for move in at night, and running on only 6 hours of sleep if we were lucky. Every Monday-Thursday I have class, after which I go home to do my Shakespeare reading and writing for Film Narrative and then, if I'm lucky, I go see a Theatre production. Friday's are usually reserved for Field Trips to areas outside of London and while our weekends are our "Free Days" they're usually used to explore the city. Of the three weeks that I've bee here I have had one day where I did not have to set an alarm clock.

My plan is still to write in more detail of what I’ve been doing not only to share with all of you, but also to have for myself to look back on later. I’ll probably be combining days to share more of the interesting stuff because we all know I tend to ramble. But on top of all of that I have been making a point to film a video diary of my time here and I think I’ve done pretty well with that thus far, but again since we’ve been so busy I’ve only had a chance to start to edit the first week so this will probably have to be a project I work on once I’m back in California, but fear not! It’s happening! But for anyone who has been anxiously waiting on an update from me just know this: I’m having fun, I’m making friends, I’m keeping busy, and I am actually studying. I can’t believe that this trip is already halfway through. I definitely miss California and all of my friends and family, but I do have to admit I have definitely fallen in love with London.