Arriving in London

Day 1: July 6 & 7

Question, does anyone actually enjoy travel days? Because for me they’re nothing but a combination of stress and exhaustion (I had a third one but forgot it because that’s how tired I am). I remember as a kid never really enjoying travel days because most of the time we were either taking a red eye flight or leaving for the airport before the sun was even out, but now that I’ve started traveling on my own I finally understand the amount of pressure my mom felt in taking lead. I applaud parents who are able to step up to the task. Bonus points if their kids don’t end up in a meltdown.

Anyways my travel journey started yesterday where I was more than happy to escape my apartment that was 103 degrees when I woke up at 9am and 110 degrees by the time I left at noon. My roommate and I decided to make a quick stop in Santa Monica where it was only 94 degrees before dropping me off at LAX. My flight was pretty uneventful. From what I hear those in the business class section had to deal with a service dog who kept yipping. I originally had the whole last row to myself but right before we took off the passenger sitting in front of me decided to switch seat to the other aisle seat in my row. I guess that was for the better because in addition to not having to worry about leaning my chair back I didn’t have to worry if I put my knee against the seat. I truly have no idea how much sleep I got on the flight. I think I had a few hours where I was definitely asleep, but even then it was that sleep where you don’t know if you actually slept. Being right next to the bathrooms, though convenient for when I had to tinkle, didn’t help with the noise department when combined with the stewardess’ gossip sessions. Plus the women sitting in the row in front of me seemed to keep her screen on all night so I’ll definitely need to get an eye mask before I depart just to be safe.

Once I landed at Gatwick I took the express into Victoria Station and then got my phone set up with the O2. I used them when I was here last summer for my study abroad program so since I already had the phone through them I only had to pay for a month plan to have 20GB of data. When I asked if the phone with work in Dublin as well, since I’m traveling to there next weekend, and the employee said yes I let out an “Amazing” which I’m sure made me seem like even more of a California tourist then I already looked with my carry on suitcase and backpack both stuffed and my travel pillow on top. Side note, I just got the best travel pillow. I never even bothered with these beforehand because I always found them so uncomfortable and would just hurt my neck but this works so well (Link to Neck Pillow)

After I got my phone situation figured out, I hopped on the tube to get to my Airbnb. It was such a relief to be able to drop off my bags and take off my travel pouch, which I was delighted to find a massive sweat stain in its place. The area I’m staying in appears to be used by students mainly and is located next to the Globe, where I plan on catching a show this week. My plan for the rest of the night is to go and grab dinner from the Nando’s nearby and try to stay up as late as I can. I was gonna try to stop into a Marks & Spencer’s to grab a pillow, per the recommendation of previous Airbnb guests, but honestly I’m feeling so drained I don’t know if I have the energy so I’ll just leave that for tomorrow’s tasks.