As You Like It

Day 2: July 8

Jet lag hit me hard today. While I managed to stay up until around 11pm, I unfortunately woke up at 4am. I accepted my fate at around 4:30, but still kept trying to see if I’d be able to fall back asleep for a mini nap but sadly this result was unsuccessful. At around 10am I decided it was time to get a move on and made my way to the nearby Costa. For those of you who don’t know, Costa is one of the local Cafe chains that appears about as often as Starbucks in Los Angeles, but in addition to drinks they also provide easy on the go meals. My other favorite are Pret and eat. So because I knew I had a big day ahead of me I decided I didn’t want to risk my caffeine intake with tea and gave into my California Girl stereotype and ordered an Iced Latte. Then I made my way down to the river where I stopped for lunch at the Pizza Express across from the Globe Theatre. If I had to make a US Comparison say Pizza Express is similar to California Pizza Kitchen. It’s sit down, reasonably priced, and tastes good as well. Last summer my study abroad classmates and I decided to have our first dinner together there without realizing it was actually a chain restaurant.

Anyways I sat outside and enjoyed my Margarita Pizza and still water while staring out of the view of St.Paul’s Cathedral. After my meal I made my way to The Globe Theatre to pick up my ticket/seat cushion voucher for the 6:30pm performance of As You Like It. I then decided to browse the gift shop where a tote bag caught my eye. I decided I’d wait to get it until after I return from Ireland as I’m traveling right now with just a backpack and carry on suitcase so space is very limited at the moment. Also pro tip, if you’re in need of a public restroom, there’s one inside the Globe Theatre by the gift shop. I then walked by the Borough Market, which unfortunately is closed on Sunday’s which I luckily realized before leaving my Airbnb as I had originally planned to get my lunch there, before taking the tube to a nearby Argos. It feels very relaxing to have an Oyster Card again. This was my first time ever having been to an Argos and I really enjoyed the concept.

I was originally confused when I walked into Argos and thought to myself “Where’s the store” as it looked like an Apple Store with tablets everywhere. I quickly found out you browse the catalog on the tablets and then checkout before going into the queue to pay for your items. Once you’ve done that you simply wait a few minutes for them to bring them out. For anyone who’s on the edge of their seat with curiosity as to what I got, it was only a pillow because sadly the one provided is more of duvet.

I then returned home where I just lounged around for a bit before going back to the Globe for the performance. I made sure to stop at eat. beforehand to grab some afternoon tea, a mozzarella/tomato/pesto toastie, and a water bottle to fuel me before the performance. Uninteresting information: I didn’t realize until after I took a sip that the water bottle I’d purchased was sparkling and not still. I’d simply grabbed the only label available and didn’t bother to look. You win this round jetlag.

As for the performance of As You Like It, this is one of the works of Shakespeare that I hadn’t studied. I know for a fact I saw it when I was in 8th grade as my Middle School did a performance of it, but that was middle school. I think I then saw it again at the Globe when I came with my High School to partake in the Fringe Festival in Scotland, so I’m going to do a quick facebook browse to confirm this information. Yup, confirmed. Only because we partook in a workshop with the actors so we got shirts that we had to wear for the remainder of the day.

Anyways I really don’t need to dive deeper into that time in my life. I made sure to get a seat for this production only because I’ve done the standing experience twice in my life and I just don’t have the endurance for it. The first time around I was 10 years old and was promised by my mom that we’d leave at intermission as my Grandma, who was 85 at the time, would likely not want to be on her feet that long. Once intermission came around, it didn’t take me long to figure out byt the look my mom and grandma were making to each other that I’d have to endure the second act. I did it for my grandma and my mom treated me to the gift shop after. The second time around was the performance I just mentioned in High School. Both times it was difficult for me to focus on the production because my feet were so sore, so now I treat myself to a seat and pay the pound for a cushion as well. This production was fun and different from those I saw last summer that one could describe as drastic and bold with the vision of the Creative Director at the time (An interesting read if you want to do a little digging). The show ended right as the sun was setting so it meant my journey home was a still light outside. I’m hoping tonight I’ll be able to get a good night’s rest as I have another eventful day planned for tomorrow.