School of Rock

Day 3: July 9

Jetlag has been really tough for me these first few days. I’m wanting to stay busy and making the most of my time here but I’m definitely getting exhausted earlier than I’d like too. I realized one of the differences between last summer and this one is the fact that I had classes during the day taking up a large chunk of my time so I was usually trying to figure out stuff to do in the afternoon or at night, and I felt like an accomplishment to get one fun activity done. It’s been tough to allow myself to sleep in or come home early to give myself a break because I feel like I have such limited time here, especially this week to be selfish and do things that I want to do.

Today I went to the Borough Market specifically for lunch because I had seen a post on instagram for that cheese wheel that they cut in half and melt/broil it and then scrape it off onto a batch of potatoes. It was so yummy, but definitely a dish I’d recommend sharing as I couldn’t finish it all on my own. It was also funny as I was seated at a nearby table I had multiple people come up to me asking where I had gotten the dish. I’ve also heard their toasties are top notch so I’ll hopefully stop there the next time I’m in London. Afterwords I allowed myself time to come back for a bit and just relax since I knew I had a packed evening ahead of me. I began by taking the tube over to the West End region for dinner at Bone Daddies, a Ramen shop in the Soho area I went to last summer. I decided to mix it up with my order and try their Tofu Curry Ramen even though it said it was spicy and I’m a wimp. I definitely kept my water bottle nearby the entire meal.

Afterwards I went by foot to the Gillian Lynne Theatre where School of Rock was playing. This was a musical I wanted to see last summer but unfortunately did not get around to. Prior to flying out to London I had found a ticket for a reasonable amount in the stalls so I decided it would be my West End show of the trip. It was such a delight. I remember the movie being one of my favorites to watch on sick days and long car rides in elementary school. It worked so seamlessly as a musical and you could tell everyone in the cast was just having so much fun with it. A cool experience also is that during the final curtain call number they encouraged the audience to pull out their phones/cameras to take photos and videos and share on social media. As someone who grew up doing theatre, I’ve always been strict on the no photography rule when it comes to performances so this was fun to take part in.

By the time the show finished it was dark out so I navigated my way to the nearest underground station and took the tube back to my flat.