Taylor Swift 1989 Graphics

So for my next DIY Video I'm planning on doing some Taylor Swift Outfit/Costume Ideas for the 1989 Tour. This is going to be my first time seeing Taylor in Concert so naturally I plan to get dress up! You'll be able to see the shirt I plan to wear in the video but I adapted it so that way if any Swifites want to, they can use it as well :)


I ended up making a digitial graphic of the meOW bandaid Taylor used for the "You Are What You Reblog" Design which I have made available on my RedBubble Shop as well as the graphic I am using on the back on my shirt which says "I don't know about you but I just turned 22". (The have many more options besides shirts, I would actually recommend getting a sticker of the meOW image)

    Link to my RedBubble Taylor Swift Inspired Gear:


Below are the videos these Graphics appear in!

Originally Posted on July 12th 2015