Carolyn is a Bay Area native from Palo Alto, California (also known as "Tall Stick"). Carolyn was a Resident Advisor in Santa Barbara, where she got her Associates Degree in Theatre Arts.


She currently resides in Los Angeles where she is pursuing her life long dream of being a Television and Film Actress. She recently completed the Improv Program at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood. She makes Youtube videos that range from comical, to DIY Craft/Fashion tutorials, to attempts of her cooking. At the end of the day her goal is that her videos will put a smile on someones face. In addition to acting she is also a current Journalism Student with a focus is Social Media Marketing and Lifestyle Blogging.

In Carolyn's spare time she loves to take a creative approach on life. Recently she's gotten into water colors, calligraphy, and embroidery. She also has what has been described as a natural eye for photography.