How to Survive Valentine's Day When You're Single


Hello it's me. The designated single of every friend group. Is that a title I've given myself? Yes. Is it still true? Unfortunately Yes.

Typically being single around the Holidays, especially Valentine's Day is bummerville for those of us without a significant other, but it does not have to be. Here are some ideas to spend your day either by yourself or with some friends in the same boat as you.



First things first, Take a Hike!

Not only is this a great way to start your day, but its also beneficial to make sure you get out of the house, breathe some fresh air, and do some adventuring with your day. Either head over to your favorite nature spot or explore your city and find a new trail.

Find a New Spot to Grab a Bite

For lunch, treat yourself! Go to that spot you've been dying to try. Bring a friend along if you don't feel comfortable going on this journey alone. Or better yet, make it a date for yourself! Bring along a magazine or book to have some nice "me" time. Which leads me to my next idea.





Do Some Light Reading


If you're someone who doesn't usually read for fun, now is your chance. Find the right book for you and read for an hour. Escape reality and explore someone else's world. I for one didn't enjoy reading until I got to college, which is good consider how many books I had to read while taking two english courses at once (I do not recommend doing this). Some of my favorites include: The Hunger Games (I reread the first one every time I have time to kill), The Harry Potter Series (I have yet to reread this to determine my favorite), and Flipped (the first book I ever read on my own).

Get Crafting

I made this using a wood slab I got from the craft store, chalk board paint, a chalk board marker, and nailing in a piece of twine on either side to hang it up.

I made this using a wood slab I got from the craft store, chalk board paint, a chalk board marker, and nailing in a piece of twine on either side to hang it up.

If you're like me, chances are you have a pinterest with thousands of pins you've meant to try and just haven't gotten around to. Well stop making excuses and start creating! Whether if it's a way to spruce up an old t-shirt, make an item from Ikea look like it came from West Elm, or making a new piece of art perfect for your wall, find the perfect pin and get to work. Truthfully most of my favorite pieces of decor (and the ones I get the most compliments on) are the ones I've made myself. They take a little time and effort, and prepare yourself that you'll make your fair share of mistakes, but the end result is worth it.

Have a Night In

I love Valentine's Day as much of the next one largely due to the fact that from my early years my parents taught me that Valentine's Day isn't just about showing your partner how much you love them, it's about showing those you care about how much they mean to you. But also, sometimes you just don't feel like "torturing yourself" and witnessing all those Happy Couples out in public. So to avoid this scenario, have yourself a nice night in. Make a nice dinner (or order in if cooking isn't your strong suit), open up a bottle or Rose (if you're of age of course), light some candles, and play whatever movie you've been eager to watch but just haven't gotten around to. After you've had you're meal it's time to pamper yourself. Do your nails, wear a face mask, take a nice bubble bath, or do all three at once. After that's done, end the night with dessert. Trader Joe's has a Molten Lava Chocolate Cake that is perfect for one and all you have to do is turn on the oven, or heat it up in the microwave if you're feeling impatient. Finally get in your favorite PJs and say goodnight to a successful day.

P.S. If you're looking for more ideas for a group hang, here are some bonus suggestions for activities throughout the day.

  1. Game Night
  2. Play a Sport or go to a Game
  3. Take a Class (Art or Cooking come to mind)
  4. Go to Color Me Mine (A Pottery Painting Location)
  5. Go to the Beach
  6. Horse Back Riding
  7. Host a Potluck
  8. Go to the Movie Theater
  9. Go on a Road Trip to a Big City Nearby
  10. Go to the Spa

Chances are you will run into your fair share of couples for half of these but you know what, it's their day too.

Happy Valentine's Day!