My First Manicure Experience

There are a few reasons why I had never gotten a manicure before in my life. My mom had never taken me, I didn't see the point in spending a large sum of money to have someone else paint my nails when I was fairly capable at it, and just the nervousness that comes with trying something new. But when my friends invited me to join them I decided to jump at the opportunity to treat myself.

Taylor Swift Lyrics Wall

So I have been requested to upload my Taylor Swift Lyric Watercolors online. Because a lot of these are loosely based off of other pieces I've seen on Pinterest I'm not going to upload  them as individuals. I only ask that you guys please don't print them out, please just use them for inspiration of watercolor paintings of your own

Taylor Swift Chai Sugar Cookies

Taylor Swift Chai Sugar Cookies

This weekend I was able to visit one of my Best Friends Betti. While I was there we decided we should make the cookies Taylor Swift made for her 1989 Secret Sessions, Chai Tea Sugar Cookies with an eggnog frosting.