Why I'm Okay with Not Knowing

Why I'm Okay with Not Knowing

For the past year I have taken a break from my studies to move to Los Angeles and follow my dreams. I knew in order to make this happen I would not be able to be in school. The choice to take a year off from school I feel is something that can be frowned upon in society, but seems straight up absurd if you are a Palo Alto native, such as myself, where you're taught that education is everything because without getting a great one you cannot be successful in life.

My First Manicure Experience

There are a few reasons why I had never gotten a manicure before in my life. My mom had never taken me, I didn't see the point in spending a large sum of money to have someone else paint my nails when I was fairly capable at it, and just the nervousness that comes with trying something new. But when my friends invited me to join them I decided to jump at the opportunity to treat myself.

Taylor Swift Lyrics Wall

So I have been requested to upload my Taylor Swift Lyric Watercolors online. Because a lot of these are loosely based off of other pieces I've seen on Pinterest I'm not going to upload  them as individuals. I only ask that you guys please don't print them out, please just use them for inspiration of watercolor paintings of your own